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OpenERP is a cutting edge ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which is based on open source technologies. It is gaining a worldwide presence in a very short span of time due to its suitability for small to medium sized businesses. ERP is a vast organization management system that uses a software application for incorporating all the facets of the business, while automating and facilitating the flow of data between the core and critical back-bone office functions subsuming manufacturing, human resources, planning, marketing, sales, inventory management, accounting, distribution, financing etc. Bur ERP is vendor based technology and comes with high investment. Moreover, it is suitable only for large business houses. While OpenERP eradicates all these limitations, as it is open source, vendor free technology that can be effectively deployed for businesses of any size. Some of the incredible features of OpenERP which make it an outstanding organization management tool include:

It does not puts the burden of initial cost of the software
Gives your business a solution that has been tailored to your specific needs
Puts great emphasis on customization and professional services
Offers a broad, comprehensive and streamlines functionality
Can easily grow from single instance to multiple localizations, organizations or tenants
Possesses innovative web based open architecture
Gives high value at highly affordable cost with minimal upfront investment


OpenERP solutions at Penn Infotech

Penn Infotechis one of the best OpenERP Company that offers its clients the most wide-ranging professional OpenERP services at solutions. With more than 750 different modules, ranging from HR and warehouse to SRM and CRM, we at Penn Infotechoffer the most captivating OpenERP solutions with unique modularity. OpenERP's strength and robustness lies in its advanced and innovative architecture which allows easy customization and extension of the products and our professionals ensure that our clients get the optimized benefits & facilities offered by OpenERP.


At Penn Infotech, we aid our clients by generating a comprehensive view of their company operations, employee productivity and project profitability, that allows them to streamline expense and billing management, grow their margins and enhance the service quality in order to attract more & more customers.


OpenERP services

We offer the most affordable OpenERP solutions and services that include:

OpenERP consultation and deployment
OpenERP development and implementation
OpenERP integration with eCommerce platforms
OpenERP customization, maintenance and support
OpenERP data migration and training
PENN INFOTECH is registered with the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)!