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We provide a diverse range of domain based learning and hands on development programs to individuals and corporate learners. Our campus to corporate modules assist participants to become industry ready.


Training – Elevating “the concept of training” to new heights Penn Infotech provides technical trainings for diverse levels and groups of learners. Our world-class delivery methods, smartly-researched strategy and knowledge transfer techniques are designed to put participants at par with top performers in the IT marketplace. Right from Core to Advanced, Induction, Domain Specific, and Project based Training one can completely trust Penn Infotech to provide standards which vouchsafe for a professional learning experience, global competency and accelerated progress.


Domain Based Training: Whether it is Banking, Health Care, Manufacturing, Travel, Insurance, Retail or any other client’s domain-specific requirements; Penn Infotech has Domain Experts that address precise needs for efficient and productive output. These trainings are designed to cover all aspects of domain-specific activity with live demonstrations to help professionals from varied sectors to gain and utilize functional knowledge of domains effectively.


Project Based Training: MNCs or mid-sized firms, although having qualified developers, might require further training on specific technology on which a new project is completely dependent on. In relations to this, Penn Infotech’s trainers would lend their experience in honing skills of these developers in select technologies, assisting them to become experts in conducting operations with best coding through customized trainings.


Induction Based Training: Today, most academic modules don’t fit company’s requirements. Therefore, it is essential that participants hone their skills with certified trainers who are proficient at in-depth induction based training. Penn Infotech offers ample opportunity for logic building, interactive flow, assessments, debates and quizzes, which encourage comprehensive and valued-added learning. Excellent support during induction learning assists participants to become industry-ready swiftly. Apart from taking a participant as a novice and then turning him into a skilled professional, which in other words is termed as CTC – Campus to Corporate, the company instills in participants necessary skill-sets and confidence for a smarter output.

PENN INFOTECH is  registered with the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)!